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Hello, Y'all!

It's been too long since I've done a Sunday's Best, and before I get into the good stuff for this post, I have to announce that we are doing are a GIVEAWAY! You've got to enter, friends! Trust me when I say it's a good one! View this post to register. Alright, onto the post.

1. Lately,  I've been enjoying watching The Crown on Netflix. If you like royal history, then check out this show, it's addicting. 

2. If you're not already following us on Pinterest, then the time is now girlfriend. There are pins from travel to of course food! Follow us!

3. Goodreads has always been my go-to place for book reviews, this year I decided to set a book challenge for myself. Only ten books this year, yes it's small, but for myself this is big lol

4. This month is flying by, and I'm soaking it all in! I've been starting my morning with my quiet time and prayer. The first five app from P31 is what I use if my quiet time doesn't happen as I planned it too. 

5. Last week, I made this curry and man oh man it's was just delicious! Try this recipe out  

Okay, that's all I have for this Sunday's Best! I hope you all enjoyed it! 

Come back for Monday's post because I'll be explaining the mission and the direction SimplyTieranie is going to be headed in for rest of this year. Oh and also announcing dates for launches of challenges and more!