3 Spring 2018 Essentials that you NEED in your closet

spring 2018 esst.jpg

Spring is quickly approaching, so we do not have time to play out here girls, it is time to get ready! In today's post, we are going to talking about the 3 essentials items that you NEED in your closet. Are you ready? stores are starting to stock their shelves with ALL the items so it is time to grab them up, before someone else does! 

Let's get started! 



First thing first, these highly popular basket bags! They were all the rage last spring/summer season and yet again, they have made a comeback!  I never thought that my picnic basket would be such a HUGE trend lol! Seriously though, get your honey. I can picture one of these bags with a cute white dress or skinny jeans and wedges.  The options are endless with this bag.



MULES! Sliding on these shoes reminds me of slipping on my grandmas comfy house shoes lol! I mean, if they are good enough for my grandmother's feet than they are good enough for mines.  Once again, the options for mules are endless. They come in all the colors, girl! 



 CARDIGANS!  Last but certainly not least. Now you know that it's cold out here, and you are going to need a little something to cover up those arms. And cardigans are perfect for just this! You can ditch the heavy coat for a light sweater. 

Alright, here are the three most essentials needs for your closest this spring. Don't play around and miss out on the stores stock now. Lol! 

What are you currently craving for your closest this spring?