Sunday's Best |.15

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Hello Friends!

Happy Sunday, I hope you all are having a beautiful day, I know that I am. For this Sunday's Best, we are going to talking health, spring 2018 fashion trends, and more. Let's get right into, shall we? 

1. I don't know if I've mentioned or not, but I've slightly addicted to turmeric lately. A couple of weeks ago I had mention drinking a beauty tonic in the morning.  Now there's golden milk! Check out this recipe if you want to see more ways to use turmeric. 

2. This year I decided to take more responsibly with my hair routine. I've been natural since 2011, but have struggled with hair loss since 2013. Last February, I did the big chopped #2, and now a year later I'm still having problems. If you're suffering from the same issues, check out this video!  

3. Spring is on the way, yall. I know it does not feel like it at all, but I PROMISE that it's coming lol! I love spring for so many reasons, and yes the fashion plays a huge role. I liked this article from bazar about spring and summer fashion trends.  

4.  Last Monday we released this new lock screen freebie! It's adorable.   

5. If you're not following me on Instagram stories, then you should. Last week I started to share some of my favorite profiles to follow. Each one of feeds that I shared is so inspirational! Follow me here to view my stories and join in on the fun. 

Okay loves, that's all for this week! 

I hoped you enjoyed, until next Sunday.