You can use a shower caddy even if you are a college student because it is just that convenient. I mean who has the time to look through a ton of different lotions, body oils, bath oils, and soaps? I know I don't! Storing everything in one place just makes sense. 

Today, I'm going to be breaking down the essentials that you need in your shower caddy friend. Super simple. All the products are affordable and all of these bath products you should have just laying around if you don't feel like buying new stuff. 

Let's being. 


Shower Caddy 1.jpg
shower caddy 2.jpg
shower caddy 3.jpg

Start by picking out your favorite bath bombs and sugar scrubs-  I like to use Dr. Teals Epsom Salt and Tree Huts sugar scrub. And of course, you can always make your sugar scrub.

Once you have the scrubs and Epsom salt pack in the caddy, add your lotions and body oils. Shea Moisture makes an AMAZING body oil, but I also like the one by Brust's Bee.

Lastly, comes the soaps! Chose a few, but I'm sticking with Pink Peony from Method Body, and so far, this body soap is working out well. It does not dry out my skin as other soaps do. 

I added my everyday deodorant because it's much easier to knock everything out self-care wise lol. Alright friends, that's all for what to pack in your shower/ bath caddy. 

What are your essentials for bath time?