Three ways to celebrate your best friend on national best friend day.jpg

National best friend day is one of the best days ever because you get to shout out your BFF on the internet lol! Of course, you can shout/post your best friend whenever you want; you don't need a specific day to do so.  But it makes it extra special to celebrate with all your friends online. While researching this holiday, I thought about how you could as a best friend take a bit farther than just posting a picture on the internet. Here's what I came up with, enjoy. 

1.  Plan a BF breakfast 

If you cook, then cook a simple and quick meal for your friend. If your not a cook, that okay girlfriend you can order out. Since national best friend day falls on Friday, your best friend might work. Schedule your breakfast for Saturday morning. Don't cancel.

2. Put together a BF gift bag

Since this person is super close to you, then you should know what their favorite things are. Grab a gift bag and pile in all their favorite things. This gift bag is the perfect idea because it shows that you been listening and watching all of these years.

3.  Write a note of appreciation

This idea goes along the gift bag idea. Writing a letter of appreciation shows that this person in your life holds a place in your heart pass the title of best friend. 

Alright, there you have it. Three ways to celebrate your best friend on national best friend day. What ways are you celebrating your best friend?