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Welp, to live our best lives, we have to eat! And for me, that involves a lot of veggies. Mainly just vegetables, to be exact.  Before I transited to the plant life lol, Michael and I were like any other couple who were too lazy to cook. We ate out all of the time, and when we started gaining weight, that had to all be cut out! Cooking is fun for me, but listen, honey, I don't want to cook all of the time. So, fast food/restaurants food it is! 
Now, Cleveland is like any other city that is not LA, New York, or Chicago trends lag behind here. So the vegan scene is just getting on and popping lol. 
It is taking time, but it the options are only getting better here! Now, let me stop all of the talking and get into the good stuff. 

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1. High Thai'd

High Thai's located on Coventry in Cleveland Heights; this sweet little Thai restaurant is, in my opinion, the best Thai food that has ever crossed my lips. I've had Thai food from other restaurants, and nothing tops High Thai'd! The menu is vast, but not overwhelming. They, of course, have vegan and vegetarian options as well as meat. If you worry about your food being mingling with beef, then I wouldn't recommend this place since it's not solely a vegan restaurant. 

2. Zoma

Zoma is a traditional  Ethiopia restaurant also local in Cleveland Heights. We discovered late last year and boy/ girl, and I wish we would have gone sooner. The food is HEAVENLY.  The service is great. I mean, so far, I don't have anything wrong to say about this place. There are meat options here as well.  Oh, I should mention that you eat with your hands here.  

3. Barrio

Barrio is a cleaver taco place that allows you to build your taco and the price starts at $3. Their location varies around the city.  

4.  Market Eatery  

Market Eatery merely is delicious. They offer so many amazing different food options that it is bound to blow your mind. Check out their Instagram page order food. 

5.  Zaytoon Lebanese Kitchen

Last, but certainly not least, Zaytoon Lebanese Kitchen and boy this place is such a joy.  Located in downtown Cleveland and because of the location, parking can be a pain, but worth it. The staff is lovely, and the restaurant is beautiful. The food is tasty and unforgettable. If you're in the mood to try Lebanese food, I highly recommend Zaytoon.