It's almost been a year since I've switched my deodorant from the typical chemical filled stick to a more natural formula. I'd made the change around the time when I cut meat out of my diet. I figured if I was going to eat plant-based, then it needed to be a total lifestyle change.



Thus, out with the chemicals and in with change. 
I plan on keeping this brief, well, as brief as possible. Let's start with the changes that I noticed to my armpits in general.
. Swelling went away
. No more ingrow hairs
. Shaving is easier
. Discoloration has decreased
. Mentally, I'm at ease


Starting with point number one, girlfriend my armpits were so swollen! I didn't notice it until I switched formulas. 2. When you shave, you tend to get ingrown hairs and trust we when I say the feeling is terrible! This problem has dissipated. 3. Speaking of shaving, I hate it because of the ingrown hairs that follow, but I like I just mentioned this problem has stopped. My armpits were discolorated another problem that I've never noticed until this little experiment. Over time, the discoloration started fading along with the tons of dead skin. 4. I don't know about you, but I'm a hypochondriac and sticking a gel-filled or pasted with chemicals under my arms every day did not make matters any better. Knowing that this wasn't the case anymore has eased my anxiety a ton. 

Overall, I couldn't be more pleased with the changes. The brand of deodorant that I'm sticking with is