Instagram is my favorite social media platform, then Pinterest.  Whoa, I didn't know it would be that hard to pick between which one I liked more lol. I love, love beautiful feeds. They provide inspiration and sparks ideas in my brain. I went through all of the people I follow and picked out my favorite accounts. This was a tough one! I don't follow people on Instagram that I don't like. I highly suggest that you go through who you follow and unfollow who you don't care to see.   

This will help you not to compare yourself to strangers on the internet. 

Let's dive into my favorite accounts right now! I hope that it inspires you.  

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I found food stories on Pinterest while looking for vegan food recipes. Their feed and photography style is absolutely beautiful!  

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I've been following Courtney for a few years now, and her feed keeps getting better! I am a considerable color lover, so this feed keeps me inspired constantly  

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Cynthia from SimplyCyn is one of my favorite lifestyle and travel bloggers. She has such a fun way of communicating stories through her photos.  

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Anna profile was on the first I found on Instagram and pushed me deeper in love with photograhpy 


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The Minimalist Baker is my FAVORITE vegan cook. She produces great content and the best part of her recipes are that the are easy! 

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Julia from galmeetsgal is another one of my favorite lifestyle bloggers. Her style is so timeless. She recently launched a line of dress which are to die for! Check out her feed!


I really could go on and on about my favorite feeds, but I won't. I want to know who you are following and what feeds inspire you to live your best life?