August Reads.jpg

This past month, I've into a lot of different reads, and I believe I'd mention some of them earlier last month. If I did, please forgive me for any repeats in the titles named below. Your girl has trouble remembering all of the stuff going on in her life lol. Let's get into my reads.

1. 100 Amazing facts about the Negro 

This read is a reprint of the original title by J. A. Rogers. The original copy is available on Amazon currently. I learned SO much from this read, more than I can get into in this one post. All I can say is read it for yourself. 

2. Black Indian Genealogy Research: African- American Ancestors Among The Five Civilized Tribes

I became interested in the black Indian once I found out great-grandmother was native america. 

3. Plant-powered beauty: the essential guide to using natural ingredients for health, wellness, and personal skincare with 50-plus recipes

Plant-based beauty is close to my heart. I believe we deserve to have beauty products that are both cruelty-free and chemical free (as possible). The authors of this book do an excellent job breaking down the definition of both "natural" and "organic." If you're interested in learning out plant-based beauty, this is your read!  

What was your favorite reads from the past month?