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Okay, I know it's Friday. Why in the world would we be talking about Monday, we just escaped the previous week. The weekend is typically the time that we throw off the anxiety we've been carrying around for days. And yes, do that girlfriend, but my goal for this community this year is to prepare ahead of time. No more procrastination. Only process. So, yes we are going to be breaking down five easy ways to make your Monday morning less stressful. Okay, let's jump right into it! Shall we?



Grab your bag, and dump it out. Throw away all of the recipes, gum wrappers, papers, etc. that you've been carrying around all week (or all month if you are like me lol)

2. Look at your Schedule for next week

If you use google calendar or a paper planner, pull it out. Pull up your calendar and review what's coming next week

3. Confirm meetings for the next week

It's time to confirm all of those meetings that you made last Monday to make sure that nothing has changed.

4. Look at your bank statement

There is NOTHING worse than going into a week not knowing how much money you have budget away.

5. Check your goals

Friday is perfect for checking the process of your goals for this year and making sure that you are on track.

Now, these aren't too painful of a task to complete. I would love to know how you prepare for Monday. Leave a comment below.