my goals for 2019.jpg

Happy New Year loves!

I want first to thank all of the people who have continued to read this blog regardless of my inconsistency. This year, I have prioritized blog content, as well as consistency. Creating content for my blog and my social media platforms is my first love, and I plan on getting back to that. Now, let's jump into my goals for this year! I am a little hesitant to share for some reason. My goals are very personal, and I keep them close to my heart. And to be honest, I am afraid of failing. I believe it's a normal human emotion that I am going to embrace and not run away from, but instead with you all. Here we go.

1. Get a new job!

-Steadier income

2. Build and grow ShopSimplyTieranie

-Marketing plan for 2019

-New product launches

3. Gain partnerships and sponsorship post

4. Create healthy habits

-working out

-eating/drinking more green and veggies

-waking up early and going to be early

5. Visit two new cities

Okay, that wasn't that bad lol What are your goals for 2019?