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We are continuing our Healthy Habits series, and today we want to introduce Nicollette Stout she is a vegan chef currently located in Cleveland, Ohio. She has an inspiring story to tell about how she took her knowledge of eating plants from curiosity to an entire business and lifestyle change. Sounds incredible already, right? To find out more, keep reading below!

How did you discover plant-based eat and how did you decide to make this a lifestyle change/habit?

Hi! I am Chef_ Nikk, and I create delicious plant-based meals people love to enjoy. Everything I make is 100% plant based-vegan. I first discover a form of plant-based eating when I was younger, living next door to a vegetarian family. I enjoyed a lot of delicious meals at their home and never once missed the meat! I enjoyed the vegetarian meals so much that I started to question why we ate animals at all. In 2015 I began my journey to go full on 100% plant-based vegan. The reason I decided to commit to this lifestyle is that I wanted optimal health. While I continued on this lifestyle, I learned about The Great Dr.Sebi and his nutritional guide. I started to adopt the nutritional guide into my diet. After about a year of adopting this lifestyle, I began to see a huge positive transition within my mind, body, and soul.

Tell us about your business Chef_Nikk

My business is all about 100% plant-based vegan foods and desserts that don’t comprise taste, texture, and flavor. The foods I provide help my clients feel more electric, energetic, fulfilled and satisfied with the many nutrients you receive when eating whole food plants. I offer delicious whole food plant based to go meals and freshly baked vegan cookies. We have five different flavors for our cookies. We also provide a whole food plant based meal prep for clients that want to hit a specific target for their overall health.

Five ways that plant-based eating has changed my life

  1. Plant-based eating has changed the way I valued animals and helped me to understand that all living beings on this planet deserve to live a life free from all harm and suffering.

  2. Plant-based eating has changed the way I value my body. I understand that the body is energy and you have to feed the body life, not death!

  3. Plant-based eating has changed the way I look and feel about myself. Understanding that I had to love myself enough to stop eating animal products and give my body the right minerals and nutrients it needs to succeed.

  4. Plant-based eating has changed the variety of foods I consume and makes me appreciate the many herbs and spices that make food taste so good!

  5. Plant-based eating has brought me closer to God. Eating food God intended us to consume makes my mind and body feel it’s best. I’m genuinely grateful for all the up-to-date information that comes when eating clean, healthy food.


About the Author

Hi! My name is Nicollette Stout. I am a Personal Chef by profession, a Creator by passion and a People Builder by obsession. I love to listen to music, travel and create innovative ideas.

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