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Through sharing my personal journey of struggle, I knew that I was helping others, but I was shocked to realize how much of a particular benefit I would see. I have become a much better version of me through self-evaluation. Find out how the importance of opening up and allowing people to understand your struggle can give you self-empowerment.

As I go through life and meet new people, I notice that the efforts we all encounter can be similar or the same. While talking to others, I learn that we have much more in common, but we all see life through our perspectives. I am naturally a private person when it comes to disclosing my problem which leaves me to deal face them alone. Through blogging, I have found relief in sharing my story of struggles with infertility, and it has been a character builder in many ways. Opening up and sharing my efforts has to lead me to self-empowerment in the following ways:


While dealing with a personal issue, it can begin to take a toll on you negatively. Often I would feel overwhelmed confused and fatigue. The stress of holding in all my emotions and feelings about a hard situation would physically and mentally drain me. But once I began to open up and talk to other people, it helped me to start healing. During these conversations, I would learn from others just as they would learn from me. Taking what we could from one another we would leave feeling a sense of normalcy. This gave me a sense of relief; it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulder. Hearing that other people were going through or already had gone through my struggle or similar gave me optimism for the future. I no longer felt awkward or alone but, normal and willing to tell more people who inquired.

Removes victimization

Have you ever felt like a victim when dealing with a difficult situation? I know I did and it would often leave me asking; Why me? What did I do to deserve this? I am not strong enough to deal with something like this. But you are, and you did. When hearing other people’s perspectives and situations you will sometimes realize life happens. Everyone goes through struggles, and you are not the only one who was chosen to fight this battle. Knowing that others deal with the same or similar efforts as you do removes the feeling of a victim. And once you overcome a tough situation, you no longer feel like a victim. You learn not to let anything negative define you. Don’t just go through situations but GROW through them. You will find out just how strong you are and that nothing can ever keep you down.


By sharing your story, you inspire other people. You may even gain inspiration from others whose story may be entirely different than yours. Opening up will ultimately help other people in many ways. If you overcome the struggle, they will be in awe of your triumphs and see you as a hero. By giving them your knowledge and experience of the battle, you faced they will benefit by learning what your keys to success were. I choose to help other women who are dealing with infertility by educating them, so they do not have to learn the hard way. I want to save them from failures and defeats that I had experienced in hopes that they will not have to deal with those same issues. If they know better, they will do better as the saying goes.


Reliving the struggle you encountered or are going through will help you realize your self-worth. Knowing that you are a healthy individual who can handle anything life throws at you will boost your self-esteem. At this point, you can look back on your life and know that you rock. You can get through anything. This will remove any limits that you may try to give yourself and any doubt that you cannot do something in fear of problems that may arise. You are someone who can overcome struggles, and they will not define your life. You know where you have been, and the best is yet to come. Nothing in this world can stop you because you are free from the struggle and ready to deal with whatever else may come your way.


About the Author

Marie Jenn is a freelance writer and professional blogger. Her blog A Natural Journey to Love focuses on sharing her experience with infertility to help educate women on holistic health approaches to conceiving a child naturally. She hopes to foster a safe and open environment for women to share their experiences and end the stigma of infertility.

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