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To find a perfectly balanced skincare routine, you must be in the right mindset. In the last couple of years, I’ve learned that those who put the right foods in their bodies will naturally have better awareness of what goes on inside their body. The same goes for skincare products.

Just like with food, we rely on labels to guide our decisions and we assume that labels mean exactly what they say. But, the FDA does not have the authority to enforce and patrol the cosmetics industry.

So, how do we distinguish between the good and the bad ingredients? Here are a few ways to make your transition to CLEAN BEAUTY simple.

Lets start with whatcha got

Pick 3 products that you cannot live without. Then, download the Environmental Working Group App to help you do a little digging into what ingredients you are putting onto your skin. Fun fact: this app even allows you to scan your products for quick and easy access to the ingredients list!

By doing some self-guided research, you can easily find out what level of toxicity is in the ingredients you are putting onto you skin. Remember, being conscientious about the products you are already using will help you develop better skincare habits overall.

Here are a few things to look for...

Does your product say organic on the label?

You may find that what you thought was a reliable skincare product is actually full of questionable ingredients. Most companies use terms like “organic” or “sensitive” to market themselves as a better product option. But the reality is that, since they are not controlled by the FDA, companies they can market themselves using these terms, even if they are only 70% organic! For example, these “organic” products may still use parabens, a class of preservatives you want to avoid, thereby making the “organic” beauty product unsafe for your skin.

Does your product even disclose the ingredients used to make it? (Sadly, some don’t!)

If the product does not disclose ingredients on the label, toss it! Yes, its that simple. You deserve integrity behind the products you use on your skin, your body’s largest organ. Take a look at your own products. You’ll be amazed by how many of them do not disclose their ingredients.

Does your product list fragrance as an ingredient?

Fragrance is a catch-all term that companies use in order to hide harmful ingredients, many which are allergens. According to the International Fragrance Association, over 3,000 different chemicals fall under the “fragrance” category. To avoid harmful chemicals, only purchase products from companies who fully disclose fragrance ingredients, or, preferably, from companies who use cold pressed essential oils instead.

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 Want to switch your products, but aren’t sure what you need?

To find out exactly what your skin needs, start by taking our skincare quiz. This short questionnaire will help you find an exciting skincare regimen so that you can begin to replace your existing products with products that are healthy for your skin.

My Beautycounter Story

When I decided to switch to safer products, I was overwhelmed with all of the options available to me. So, I narrowed the products I use by asking myself the exact same three questions I just asked you. While I sat on my bathroom floor with two piles of products, I realized that I needed to be using more products that met the above criteria.

That’s when I ran into Beautycounter. The advocacy work that Beautycounter thrives on made me jump on board.

Beautycounter is leading the movement of clean beauty by lobbying for safer beauty laws for the entire industry! Can you believe that the last time there was any ripple affect in this self- regulated industry was in 1938?

What I love most about the Beautycounter brand is that they pride themselves on being natural, organic, and SAFE! This company is dedicated to transparency— each Beautycounter product will list the ingredients used to make the product, and they even give you a shelf life (yes, beauty products expire!)

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Ready to come clean?

Let’s chat over coffee! I am happy to customize a one-on-one consultation, true to your skincare needs, to help you reach your goals.

You can reach me by email at or on Instagram @incarmscompany.

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About The Author

Carmen here, a California girl living a gypsy life as we travel around as a military family. I’m a wife to my Coast Guard stud, twin momma to two beautiful girls, and to one Ohio state obsessed boy. I’m also a believer in educating ourselves as much as we can to make better choices in this thing we call life, and why I chose to partner with beautycounter to advocate for better beauty. I love cheese and all the coffee!