Yes, it's FRIDAY! I know how you're feeling right about now; the options are endless. You could catch up with friends or family members. Or you could buy a movie ticket and go out on a date with your boo. Or the best option, in my opinion, spend time by yourself. Don't get me wrong; all of the other options can be completely relaxing. All that matters is that you're relaxing. Today, we are going to be spilling all the secrets- specifically 10 of them. Grab your notebook girlfriend because it's going to get good.

1. Have an at-home spa day

2. Read a book

3. Binge watch a new show

4. Run a hot bath

5. Cook yourself dinner

6. Paint your nails

7. Turn off your phone

8. Delete your social media and sit in silence

9. Turn on calm music

10. Go for a walk or run

I'm giggly with excitement reading this list lol! I mean relaxing after a long week is the best! This is just a short list; we want to know what ways you rest on Friday.