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Last Tuesday, Michael and I gassed up our rental car and hit the road around 5:30 am. I was pretty sleepy for the first part of the trip, but later as we started in arrive in the mountains of Virginia, I was fully awake. Our trip from Ohio to South Carolina was around 11 hrs (no big deal, right? lol). Honestly, it wasn't that bad at all we will be headed back down for sure! Now, let's get into what we did for those three days, shall we?

Day One

The first day was a blur we got off of the road and crashed as soon as we got to the Airbnb.

Day Two

Beach Day. Charleston has 3-4 beach fronts to choose from, and we went with Folly Beach which seems to be a pretty famous beach down there. We rented beach chairs and swam in the ocean. We spent the whole day down at the beach which was perfect because it was during the week and everyone was at work lol. Folly Beach has so many different restaurants and bars to choose from if you get hungry. At the time we didn't explore any of them because we packed food, but from the reviews, you should not be disappointed in the options.

Day Three

For our last day, we packed as many activities as we could into this day. We went downtown and man it was STUNNING! I was utterly overwhelmed by the Charleston beauty and charm. I suggest that you head to the city as early as possible, parking can be a pain. We walked down Rainbow Row and stopped at Waterfront Park, and they were terrific sites. After the city, we went to a locals farmers markets and picked up some fruit.

Day Four

Headed back home

Now, that was a short trip, but so worth it. Like a stated, earlier well will be headed back down for sure. If you've been to Charleston, SC let me know what you did in the comments below.

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