As a kid the excitement of Christmas Day was overwhelming, I would look forward to so much on that day. Opening presents, of course, leaving milk & cookies out for Santa (aka mama lol!), and racing my sisters down the stairs in the morning. Along with the gifts, my mom would always do stocking and stuff them with fantastic stuff lol! 
Now, as an adult, the Christmas season brings different feels for me. I still love it, but the pressure to please everyone with gifts can be a bit taxing. So, I put together a list of 5 ways to relax and enjoy the holiday season; it's my goal to maintain that childlike attitude. 

1. Plan a day out for just yourself!

We all know that this season isn't about us, but girl, you still matter honey. Schedule in time to go to the mall and just shop for you, or go to the spa!

2. Watch your favorite holiday movies or shows

I believe that ABC family still does 25 of Christmas or it might be named freeform now, anyways revisiting movies that you typically only watch once a year is excellent.

3.    Bake cookies or some sweet treat 

I love when my mom starts making her Christmas cookies, and if you're a baker than you know just how fulfilling baking can be. 

4. Write a letter to yourself highlighting all that you've accomplished 

This one is super important to me because this is the time people start counting down that days until the new year, and it can be stressful. It can be stressful because you've might not have been able to get it all done. You've still done great things. Reflect.

5. Gather photos and make a scrapbook 

Print out all of the photos that you took this year, and from IG and make a scrapbook! I like things in physical form and adding stickers and color doesn't hurt either. Not so much of a crafter? Check out Artifact Uprising you can make beautiful photobooks, and they make great gifts as well. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and the cozy pajamas. What do you do when you're feeling stressed during the holiday season?


 Robe | Slippers | Candle
Sweat Pants | Mug | Tea | Book |

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to my 2nd gift guide of the season, I'm super excited for this one because I am the homebody. I put together a kit of sorts for the homebody in your life. Here we go!
  To start nothing makes me happier than a lit candle and a good book. Speaking of books "The Year of Cozy" is just that cozy, the author fills the pages with simple, well-known recipes and DIY's that would make anyone want to stay at home. 

The winter months are long and hard where I live, so having multiple pairs of slippers is essential! I love the ones from target, each year they always seem to bring out so many cute ones!  I am what you call a mug-o-haul-ic, the amount of mugs I have is too frightening to reveal haha. Let's just say I have one for year seasonal change and holiday almost. 

This blanket is super cozy and comes in many different colors if you are not feeling pink. Next, brewing some loose leaf tea is great because you have the benefits of tea drinking without the waste of the bag. While at home throwing on some sweatpants is so easy, and last but not least this robe is extra cozy and affordable! I mean who can beat that? 

If you are a homebody, what are some of your essentials that you have to have? 


Hello, Lovelies!

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