Hello Friends! 

It's been awhile since I've had a post up, I took a two-three month hiatus (unexpected). This break was needed but extended for far too long. I would go into detail, but it would mix up not only my story but the story of other people involved. To protect their stories, I won't. 

I could go on and on but to protect your time lol I'll leave this update here. All get in TierRenee hood! I'm back and ready to party! 

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Hey, Y'all! Happy New Years Eve

Today I am going to share some links to posts and shows that stuck out to me this year, this list won't be super long because knowing me, it could be really long lol. Oh, my dear readers be on the lookout for tomorrows post because it's going to be a good one!

1. Okay, I'm going to start off with the shows of 2017 that were just great which are: The handmaid tale, strangers things 1 & 2, game of thrones, west world.

2.  Setting your day up for success is a huge focus of mines and this post puts together a list of different ways you can get a head start.

3. I love the everygirl because they do post like this.

4. When planning my trips I always look at the surrounding restaurants because the food is important. This food-mined guide from The Kitchen was well put together.

5. Listen, if you suffer from terrible cramps during that horrible time of the month lol then this post is for you girl.

My Everyday Makeup Routine

My makeup routine changes with the seasons and honestly this summer I haven't been wearing a ton of makeup. It has been TOO hot! At last, the seasons are changing, and I wear products on my face without worrying about them melting off of my face. I don't have the worlds largest makeup collections, but I do have a fair amount of stuff. I try and rotate them out to get the most use of my money. 

1. First I start with eyes, a couple of months ago I got this CLINIQUE  chubby stick, and I love it! It's super pigmented and small enough to fit in your makeup bag. 

2. After I apply my eyeshadow, I use a transition shade which then blends the color into my eye crease. 

3. Once my eyeshadow is done, I apply my mascara, and I like this two from L'oreal Paris

Double Extend 

4. This Mac Concealer is the best! It doesn't cease on me and last all day.

5. I'm not currently using any foundation, but I'm on the lookout for a good one! 

6. Last, but not least it's time to highlight, and this one by Bobbi Brown is amazing! 

Alright, that's all for my makeup routine I hope you enjoyed this. I'm always looking for new products to try if you have any staples that you can't live without, please share! 

Sunday's Best .06

Let it be Sunday!

This upcoming week is an exciting one because I'm launching my headwraps that I've been working on all summer long! Along, with this launch, it's finally Fall. So, you know what that means a ton of fall post. This season is literally so short where I live it's pretty depressing. I try and soak every moment in.

1. TRD- Head Wraps post coming this Wednesday, so keep a look out

2.  Check out this 20 Fun and Festive things to do this fall

3. I'm all about reducing my waste , and this article gives some great tips on how to

4. I'm always on the lookout for vegan bags and this  Etsy shop has some cute ones!

5. Who else has been following the #Takeaknee on twitter? I can't stop reading everyone's opinion on this current issue.

Alright, loves that's all for this week

I hope you have a great one

Sunday's Best. 01

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Hello Friends,

Happy Sunday! I decided to start this little series to share with you all the things that I am currently loving.  From books, upcoming movies, Netflix series, beauty & fashion, you know ALL OF THE THINGS! 

1. 2018 Yearly Prayer Journal- I'm really looking forward to stepping up my prayer life in this upcoming year. To be honest with you all, it's been lacking recently, and I'm working on 

2. Undefine study by well-watered women- Well-watered women ministry is releasing a new bible study called Undefined. It's based on finding your identity in Christ. I'm super excited about this one!

3. I'm obsessed, and I mean obsessed with this song  

4. I watched this documentary  Refugee a couple of weeks ago and was completely in awe. You gotta check this one out

5.  Black Girls Rock premieres next Tuesday 8-22-17 @ 8 pm can't wait to celebrate all of this magical black woman

6.  This book releasing 9-26-17 is a collection of photos of women from around the world. 

Alright, that's all for now! Until next Sunday

Many blessings :)