Happy Christmas Eve everyone! 

Yes, that's right, it Christmas Eve, I mean was not just the 4th of July like yesterday? Time indeed waits for no one. So you better enjoy it, honey! Lol Alright, enough with all my banter, onto this weeks Sunday's Best. This week I included links to healthy tonics, tips on how to invest in your future, vegan eggnog, and more. Let's do this!

1. As of late, well + good has been one of my favorite sites for reading up on all of the latest health tips. Last week I tried this beauty tonic with included turmeric, lemon, ginger, ACV, and hot water. This post on well + good features some similar tonic, check it out!   

2. I have to admit; I am a dry skin suffer. I mean it's been pretty terrible, and the winter is just starting. Lately, I've been using Dr. Teal's  lotion, and it's been saving my life! 

3. This month, I have been doing a ton of reflecting, and praying in preparation for the upcoming year. This post is great if you're also prepping for 2018. 

4.  The baker is back! And by the baker I mean the minimalist baker lol I love her recipes, and this one is no different.  I remember as a child at my grandmother's house during the holiday season sitting in her kitchens as she prepped for meals. My favorite part was the eggnog. I was super excited to find this vegan eggnog. I can't wait to drink and enjoy this drink this holiday season.

5. If you are traveling this holiday season and you get hit with the traveler's anxiety, this post from The Every Girl should help. 

6. Every now and again, I borrow Netflix for new and super talked about shows. I've heard that The Crown was a good watch, and reviewers were right. This show as secretly made me one interested in Royal history. 

7. Earlier this year, I found Well Read Black Girl on Instagram and subscribed to their newsletter. I plan on reading more in the new year and reading more black authors. If that's you as well, their newsletter is super cute and informative. 

Okay Y'all, that's all that I have for this week, hope you enjoyed


Sunday's Best | .11

Photo via: A Beautiful Mess

7 days until Christmas, and I really can't believe it's coming so fast! I'm excited and ready to celebrate. On this lovely Sunday, I'll be sharing holiday treats, some last minute gift ideas, and more. 

1. Real Simple shared this yummy looking punch last week, and I can't wait to make it!

2. So, my boyfriend, Michael loves using my natural hair products lol! And honestly would not mind it if they didn't cost so dang much! I've been on the hunt to find hair and grooming products especially for men, and I think I discovered a brand

3. One of my personal goals for the new year is to switch to as many "natural" products as I can afford lol. I already have a blog post ready on how you can start living more environmentally friendly. While I was borrowing through Instagram last week, I found this pure planet club. This company offers subscription service 

4. I LOVE the smell of Christmas it's just so magical. Scents trigger so many different memories for me, and this one is no expectation. I found this recipe for this mixture that is going to make your home smell like Christmas.

5.  If you're  following on Instagram and watch my stories, then you know I ran a polling yesterday asking what you all would like to see as far as food recipes go. It was a tie so starting next month I plan on starting at least one recipe a month.

6. I just got my power sheets! Thanks to my sister and I just can't wait. If you don't know what power sheets are, they are a goal-setting planner. I've been using this goal-setting planner for a couple of years now, and this year run is their best one yet! 

7. A couple of months back I had my first Moscow Mule, and I fell in love! Actually, more like obsessed. This Frosty's Frosted Moscow Mule looks incredible.  

Okay y'all that's all for this week, hope you all enjoyed this



As a kid the excitement of Christmas Day was overwhelming, I would look forward to so much on that day. Opening presents, of course, leaving milk & cookies out for Santa (aka mama lol!), and racing my sisters down the stairs in the morning. Along with the gifts, my mom would always do stocking and stuff them with fantastic stuff lol! 
Now, as an adult, the Christmas season brings different feels for me. I still love it, but the pressure to please everyone with gifts can be a bit taxing. So, I put together a list of 5 ways to relax and enjoy the holiday season; it's my goal to maintain that childlike attitude. 

1. Plan a day out for just yourself!

We all know that this season isn't about us, but girl, you still matter honey. Schedule in time to go to the mall and just shop for you, or go to the spa!

2. Watch your favorite holiday movies or shows

I believe that ABC family still does 25 of Christmas or it might be named freeform now, anyways revisiting movies that you typically only watch once a year is excellent.

3.    Bake cookies or some sweet treat 

I love when my mom starts making her Christmas cookies, and if you're a baker than you know just how fulfilling baking can be. 

4. Write a letter to yourself highlighting all that you've accomplished 

This one is super important to me because this is the time people start counting down that days until the new year, and it can be stressful. It can be stressful because you've might not have been able to get it all done. You've still done great things. Reflect.

5. Gather photos and make a scrapbook 

Print out all of the photos that you took this year, and from IG and make a scrapbook! I like things in physical form and adding stickers and color doesn't hurt either. Not so much of a crafter? Check out Artifact Uprising you can make beautiful photobooks, and they make great gifts as well. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and the cozy pajamas. What do you do when you're feeling stressed during the holiday season?

My favorite Etsy Shops

It's no secret that I love shopping, but in particular, I love shopping on Etsy. I really appreciate handcrafted items. There is something special about buying a product from someone who took time to hand make it. I was first introduced to Etsy back in 2012, and back then the platform had a lot to offer, but now there is a lot of variety. You can find anything mugs, notebooks, books, t-shirts,  and vintage clothing. 
 When I drafting out this post, I had the hardest time picking which shops were my absolute favorite because I just love so many of them. I'd decide to narrow it down to 5 of my favorite storefronts. Starting with 

1. WAAMIndustries

Over the last year or so, I've been in transition with my diet (more on that later), so with that change, I find it fit to change other areas of my life. Etsy sends out newsletters with different themes. Reusable was the theme earlier this year and featured this shop. These lunch boxes are so cute and made with beautiful material. 

2. Nikisgroove by Nicholle KOBI

I found this picture on Pinterest late last year and was at a lost when I came to the artist of this drawing. Luckily, while randomly looking on Etsy, I found her shop! Currently, she doesn't have much available on Etsy, but she has a lot of product on her website store.

I discovered this shop when I was running my series #buyblack earlier this year and was so glad that I found this designer. Her clutches are super cute, and she carries different prints and styles at a variety of price points. 

I've been eyeing key chains from this shop for years! I'm transitioning from buying leather products, which makes me a little sad because these key chains are so stinking cute! 

Alright, last but not least, this shop carries pillow covers, stockings table runners, and much more. This store is perfect to shop if you're in the process of planning a wedding, or redecorating your house. 

What are your favorite Etsy shops?? 

I changed my deodorant 7 months ago and here is what happend

Now, this could be a super TMI post, but I just had to share this. A couple of months ago I decided to give natural deodorant a try again.  I've tried so many in the past ( more about that later), but none and I mean none of them worked! Tons of money washed down the drain literally haha. Due to this massive frustration, I just gave up and went back to regular chemical filled deodorants-this honestly made me super unsettled because who honestly wants to keep poisoning their bodies if they can help it?

Dress: Target Old | Shoes: Thirted | Belt: Target | Earrings: Forever 21 Old

Let's back track to when I was first trying out natural deodorants, it was 2011-2013. I just cut off my relaxed hair, and I figured if I'm going to use more natural products on my hair, then I might as well use more natural products on my entire body. So I went straight to YouTube lol! I looked at some reviews of natural deodorants at the time and took my little butt right to wholefoods. In 2011, there wasn't a ton of opposition for natural deodorant, so I wasn't overwhelmed by the choices. I picked two out, bought them, and left WholeFoods feeling happy! I felted like I was making good choices for my body and I was. The next morning, I put on my deodorant (I won't name the brand, but I'm sure you'll guess which one it was) and felt protected against the stank! 

A few hours would pass and boom! The stink from my armpits started to rise like steam rises from your coffee cup. Now, I could be wrong, but there isn't much more embarrassing like being a stinking adult. Those days so be left in your middle school classroom. So I'd reapplied the deodorants, but to no luck, I was still stinky.   Hmmm, I wasn't comfortable walking around with smelly armpits, so I throw the natural deodorants away.

Okay, now let's fast-forward to now, in February I decided to try the natural deodorant way again. I was still nervous, but I was again doing some research and went with a brand sold online and target. After 7 months of using this deodorant, I've seen significant changes! 

Here are some:
1. The swelling of my armpits have decreased
2. Color has changed-lighten significantly
3. No more hair pumps after shaving
4. My pores have opened up

These are just some of changes that I've experience of the last couple of months. So far I love the deodorant, but I will say this if you react to baking soda, I wouldn't suggest this deodorant it is formulated with it. Other than that it worked for ME. If with this product, I still love trying out new things what are some of you'll favorite natural deodorants?