Get to know me: 5 Facts

A couple of weeks ago, I did a Friday introduction and had some much fun. I thought why not continue it. 

1. I can not and do not eat the ends off of my bread, pizza, etc. 

2. Ninth grade year marked the year that introduced to chai tea, and then I was a match made in heaven.  We've been tight ever since.

3. I find thrift shopping more fun than shopping at the mall. Now, that's a big pill to swallow, because I was loving shopping at the mall. There's something about finding clothes from stores that are not open anymore. 

4. My nail polish and toe polish typically never match, and my socks are always mixed matched. Idk, I just feel more like myself when things aren't matching.

5. I watch movies like the Lion King, The Secret garden, Little princess, and Alain all of the time. I'm a kid at heart.