Fall is my favorite time to wear lipsticks, even though I wear lipsticks all year long lol I tend to wear darker lippies towards this time of the year, and you can wear whatever color lipstick at any time of the year. I've tried lipsticks from MAC to Makeup forever, and they carry some of my favorite colors, but not at my ideal price point. 

Target, CVS, and Walmart carry some well-known brands that make amazing dupes of the colors from the high-end of beauty. I'm really grateful that we can the access to these lipsticks because no women should go throughout life without trying a berry lip!  

Here is a list of my favorite lipsticks from the drugstore:
2.  Sangria 

If you struggle with your lipsticks bleeding through onto your lips, try a matching lip liner.


I hope you enjoyed this post! What are your favorite fall lipsticks?