Your style is a such a personal and power subject. You can define style many different ways. My favorite quote about style is "Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak."- Rachel Zoe 
This couldn't be any truer. Y'all, it took me years to figure out what pocket if you might that felt best to me. You can dress girly, glam, girly chic, grunge, minimal, bohemian....  

You can literally fit into any one of these categories, and for me, it depends on how I'm feeling that today. So my closet is diverse, but if I had to pick, I would lend towards the glam/edgy side of style.  This is a great place to start when it comes to defining your personal style. Look through your closet and see what categories your clothes fall into.












Who doesn't love a trendy piece of clothing? I know I do, but it can become problematic when all your buying is trendy pieces, and the next season you can't use it with different outfits. What I do with my favorite items is rework them into odd outfit combination. 


I love using magazine inspiration even though print magazines are dying out :( I still sit down with a cup of hot tea, and cut and paste outfit spreads.


When shopping you should be looking for the best quality, especially when it comes to your jeans. Also, going to the mall helps a lot with this- you can touch and look at items that you possibly express who you are.


One of my favorite bloggers is Courtney Quinn who writes the blog colormecourtney, one of the reasons why I love her, and her feed is because she gives off so much confidence! Her personal style is so fun and colorful, and you can tell she's pleased with expressing herself. I remember reading one of her blogs where she talked about trying to be like every other blogger out there. It left her feeling trapped and unexpired until she decided to be herself. 


Pinterest outfit recreation

If you don't know by now that Pinterest is where I get everything I love from then you've been hiding underneath a rock, girl! I get some much of my inspiration from this place its kind of ridiculous. Yesterday, when thinking of my next outfit post for my Instagram, I went to fall fashion board 2017 (which you should follow). This outfit stood out to me right away because of all of the natural tons and such.

PANTS-old| BLAZER- F21|BOOTS-JustFab-old| HAT-F21

I've decided to start a new little series where once a month a recreate an outfit that I find on Pinterest with the clothes directly from my closet. I believe I'm killing two birds with one stone (sorry birds), I'm using clothes from my closet in a unique way, and giving you all some style inspiration. If you have an outfit in mind that you would like to recreate, send it to me! 


Seasonal Fashion Trends I'm Looking Forward To This Year

Yesterday, I spotted something tragic, yet somewhat exciting- the leaves are starting to change! Ahhh! Summer moves so fast, I just want to bottle it and keep it locked away in my room forever lol! No seriously, this is a real dream of mines. My state experiences all 4 seasons and winter, of course, is the longest season :(((  I've grown to just expect this fact and live with it. So, with this news let's discuss 5 fall fashion trends that I'm looking forward to this upcoming season. 

1. The first and most exciting trend for me is autumn floral. I love flowers, and if you follow me on Instagram, you know my obsession with flowers.  I like to wear floral during the spring/summer season since it's so appropriate hahaha.  Now that's available in darker patterns I'll be wearing it a lot this upcoming season.

2. Red. Now as I've gotten older the color red as grown on me. It adds a lot of contrast to your outfits without being super busy. 

3. I added the autumn floral pants just because I like flowers haha

4. Loafers. I've always loved loafers shoes pretty much since high school when Birkenstocks were trending. Now, they are available in so many different styles, colors, and patterns.

5.  Last, but not least, statement sleeves. I was hoping this wasn't going to go out of trend. Throwing on a statement sleeved shirt is an easy way to add detail to your outfit. 
I can't wait to style and fill my closet with these new trends for fall 2017, what trends do you love currently?