2017 flew by Y'all! I mean it's a wrap on these 12 months, so it's time to do some reflection. I wasn't going to do this at first because I couldn't remember what I actually did at the beginning of the year lol! Taking inventory of my year has helped me reflect on all the things that I tried, failed,  and succeeded at. So let's get into the good stuff, shall we?

Beautiful moments of 2017

just a few...

SWEET BABY A WAS BORN                                




1. It's okay to try different things, fail, and try again.

This is the biggest lesson that I learned from 2017. This summer I finally had time to explore my creativity and the business side of my life. Over these last couple of months, I've been so inspired that I pretty much-tried anything. I had so many ideas jumping around in my head, and after years of not being able to release them; I went full force. Some of the things I tried didn't work out, and other stuff did. At the end of the summer, I learned and grew from all of the experimentation. 

2. People are always going to try and cast their insecurities on you. 

Alright, if you're a dreamer people always look at you like you're crazy. Stepping away from the typical path, or the right way of doing life is stupid. I believe people are just so afraid of failing that they instead stay at that job, relationship, a situation for the rest of their lives. NOT ME. I refuse to keep living a mundane, comfortable life. 

3. My time is mine owns. 

Time is the most valuable thing that we have in this life. Can't you tell? People are always trying to get back the time they lost. In anti-aging skincare routines for example. No one can control time, but you can control what you do with your time. I plan on spending my time doing things that fill me up, and not exhaust me.  

2018 GOALS

lookout for a future post, like this week lol 

I hope that this post gave you a little insight into how 2017 went for me.